National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP)

Address :General Santos Avenue, Bicutan 1631 Taguig City PHILIPPINES
Tel. No. :+632 8376143; +632 8376142
Fax No. :+632 8390275
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  • Promotion and support of fundamental or basic research for the continuing improvement of the research capability of individual or group scientists;
  • Foster linkages with local and international scientific organizations for enhanced cooperation in the development and sharing of scientific information;
  • Provide advice on problems and issues of national interest;
  • Promotion of scientific and technological culture to all sectors of society.

Mission / Vision

Mission: Commitment to promote and support basic and problem-oriented researches, particularly those which are multidisciplinary, in the sciences as well as in the humanities, to identify and provide solutions to national issues and problems, and to generate new knowledge in preparation for the future.

Vision: A collegial body of highly-trained scientists and researchers, cohesively addressing the growing demand for knowledge, skills, and innovations; sharing expertise with all sectors of the society; and effectively and efficiently contributing to the country's development and to the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people.





  • Basic Research Grants ( MS Thesis / PhD Dissertation Grant )
  • R&D Projects ( Basic Research Program-NIBRA / DOST Priority Areas in Basic Research )
  • Outreach Program
  • Basic Research Achievement Award
  • Policy Advisory
  • Scientific Facility
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Office of the Director
loc. 2340; Direct Line: 837-0409; 837-6142
loc. 2341; Direct Line: 837-6143
loc. 2344
Library/Documentation Division
loc. 2345; Direct Line: 837-6141
loc. 2346
loc. 2343
loc. 2342