Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI)

Address :DOST Complex, General Santos Avenue Bicutan Taguig City 1604 Philippines
Tel. No. :OD 837-6188, IDD 838-1140, IBOD 837-6186, PDD 838-
Fax No. :838-1112 / 837-2936
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Mission / Vision

Mission: TAPI shall promote an effective and efficient innovation system towards the adoption and utilization of inventions, innovations, and services.

Vision: A strategic partner in advancing national socio-economic growth by advocating a culture of innovation and promoting globally-competitive and useful technologies.



  • Serve as the implementing arm of the DOST in promoting the commercialization of technologies and in marketing the services of the other operating units of the Department;
  • Undertake contract research, particularly at pilot plant and semi-commercial stage;
  • Provide technical consultancy including engineering design services, patenting and licensing services;
  • Provide grants and venture financing for new and emerging projects;
  • Administer the Invention Development Assistance Fund (IDAF) for the initial experiments and prototype development and other invention development-related activities;
  • Assist technology generators, inventors, and researchers avail of the laboratories and other facilities of the Research and Development Institutes including DOST Regional Offices and other government agencies, offices, and instrumentalities; and
  • Accredit and recognize inventors' associations throughout their activities.


Technology Information and Promotion Division

  • Academe/Industry Prototype Development Assistance Program
  • DOST Expositions and Fairs Program
  • Technology-Based Enterprise Development Assistance Program
  • Investors’ Forum Program
  • Promotion Materials Assistance Program
  • DOST Technology Training Center (DTTC) Program
  • DOST Display and Exhibit Center (DEC)/ Business Assistance Center (BAC)

Investment and Business Operations Division

  • Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program
  • Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program
  • Venture Financing Program
  • Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program
  • S&T Experts Volunteer Pool Program (STEVPP)

Invention Development Division

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Assistance Program
  • Industry-based Invention Development (IBID) Program
  • Invention-based Enterprise Development (IBED) Program
  • Invention Testing and Analysis Assistance Program
  • Tax and Duty Exemption Invention Assistance Program
  • National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE)
  • Travel Assistance for Inventors
  • Invention Guarantee Fund (IGF)
  • Inventors’ Forum and the Inventors’ Consultation Program
  • Inventors Training and Invent School Programs

Office Name Tel No. Fax No. Location Contact Person Email Address
Office of the Director
loc. 2151 / 2163; Direct lines 837-6188; 837-2936;
Office of the Deputy Director
loc. 2162; Direct line 838-1115
loc. 2152 / 2164; Direct line 837-6189
Personnel / Property
loc. 2154
Consultancy Services Division
loc. 2153 / 2166
Technical Commercialization Dvision
loc. 2165 / 2150; Direct line 837-6186
Technical Packaging & Promotion Division
loc. 2157 / 2167; Direct line 837-6153
Technology Business Incubator (TBI)
loc. 2168
V. Sun / Al-Gas
loc. 2156
Front Lobby Guard
loc. 2159
Back Lobby Guard
loc. 2161
loc. 2155
loc. 2158
loc. 2164
Investment Business Operations Division
loc. 2150
Project Development Division
loc. 2167
Technology Business Incubator
loc. 2160
loc. 2161; Direct line 838-1153